These classnotes are depreciated. As of 2005, I no longer teach the classes. Notes will remain online for legacy purposes

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About the courses

These three courses are intended to provide someone with little or no UNIX/Linux experience an in-depth introduction and overview of UNIX-like operating systems. It is assumed that the student has had some experience with computer operating systems and possibly with computer administration (although, such experience is not required). For more information on a particular course, please check the class note links above.

About the Instructor

My name is Sam Hart. I have been working with UNIX-like systems since 1995 and have run Linux on my personal computers since 1996. My current Linux distributions of choice are Debian GNU/Linux and Gentoo (for my laptop), but I have worked with many others including Red Hat Linux, Peanut Linux, Mandrake Linux, and Slackware. I have also worked with many other UNIX-like systems such as FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, and Tru64.

Currently, my day job is in system administration at the U of A Physics Department but I also run a web design and web hosting business on the side. In the past I have worked as a Linux Software consultant for clients such as Intel.

Additionally, I am the project leader of Tux4Kids. Tux4Kids is an Open-Source and Free-Software project dedicated to producing and promoting educational software on Free UNIX-like systems (such as Linux or FreeBSD). It was started in 1998 with my Free-Software project, Tux Typing, but has since grown to include several other educational applications. Unfortunately, I no longer have time to maintain any sub-project of Tux4Kids as I am very busy with administrative tasks (including administrating our various web, mail and development servers).

In my copious amounts of free-time, I am an avid video game collector. I have collected every major home system since Atari's Pong and currently run an online gaming clan, "Clan of the Angry Monkey", which is dedicated to gaming under Linux. Anyone from these classes is welcome to join us, as we play Unreal Tournament every Sunday at 6pm (MST).

About this website

The class note website is being powered by noWiki (part of the Noink2 Free-Software project). noWiki is a type of web application known as a "Wiki". Wikis are generally used for distributed group web editting, however the wiki for this class has been locked down such that only I can edit it (hopefully ;-). I have chosen to use a wiki because it allows me to easily create and update the class notes.

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