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This course provides students with focused, hands-on training for deploying a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory server in the GNU/Linux operating system environment. The course teaches students how to set up, install, structure, and configure naming services and authentication using OpenLDAP, as well as integration with other existing technology (SAMBA, Apache, Active Directory). Students are assumed to have a basic understanding of Linux or UNIX environments as well as fundamental client/server concepts.

These classnotes are organized by topic. More often than not, these topics will also coincide with particular days in the class. The topics will be presented in the following order:

Part I : Introduction

/Overview of Necessary UNIX skills
PROJECT : /Familiarize yourself with Debian
/Introduction to LDAP
/LDAPv3 Overview
/Introduction to OpenLDAP
/Obtaining and Installing
PROJECT : /Install OpenLDAP under Debian
LDAP Data Storage
/LDIF Basics
/LDIF Attributes
/LDIF Schema
PROJECT : /Create a Simple LDIF
LDAP Configuration
Basic configuration
/OpenLDAP Configuration Files
/OpenLDAP Control Commands
/Brute force Directory Commands
PROJECT : /Basic OpenLDAP Setup
Intermediate OpenLDAP Configuration & Control
/Access Control
/Directory Access
/Searching and Modifying
PROJECT : /Modify an entry
PROJECT : /Define Access and Verify
Introduction to Graphical Editors
/Security Settings

Part II : Application Integration

Advanced OpenLDAP Configuration
/slurpd configuration
PROJECT : /Replicate the server
Information Services
/Schemas for Information Services
/Information Migration
PROJECT : /Migrate Passwords
Email & LDAP
/Integration with MUAs
/Integration with MTAs
PROJECT : /Integrate with Postfix
Standard Unix Services
/Directory Namespace

Part III : Interoperability

Cross-platform Authentication
/UNIX and Windows Authentication
/SAMBA integration
PROJECT : /Integrate with Samba
Integration with Active Directory
/Minimize work - not elliminate it
/Directory Gateways
/Cross-Platform Authentication
/Setting Up Linux
/Setting Up Windows
PROJECT : /Setup Simple Authentication
/An Alternative Approach
PROJECT : /Impliment the Alternative
/Cross-Platform Directories
/OpenLDAPs Proxy backend

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