These classnotes are depreciated. As of 2005, I no longer teach the classes. Notes will remain online for legacy purposes

Unix/Linux Administration

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This is the course page for the UA Unix/Linux Program as taught by Sam Hart. This is where you will find all of the class notes, handouts and relevent course links.

There were three courses in the UA Unix/Linux sequence:

  • UNIX01 Introduction to UNIX using Linux : Students will be introduced to UNIX-like operating systems via GNU/Linux.
  • UNIX02 UNIX/Linux System and Network Adminstration : Students will be exposed to the fundamentals of UNIX/Linux system administration as well as various flavors of UNIX.
  • UNIX03 UNIX/Linux System Security : Students will learn what can go wrong with a UNIX/Linux system, how to repair it, and how to prevent it.
  • LDAP OpenLDAP System Administration : Introduction to LDAP server administration under the Linux/UNIX environment.

At present, I no longer teach these courses, but the classnotes will remain online for legacy purposes. You are free to use the notes, provided you adhere to the Creative Commons License included on every page.

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