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This course will provide the student with the skills of basic system and network administration within the Unix environment. We will start with basic concepts that apply to all varieties of Unix, and will proceed to implementation and use of popular network technologies and administration tools. Finally, basic Unix security concepts will be discussed. Students are encouraged to have access to a computer (laptop or desktop) on which they can load Linux in order to practice the techniques between classes. Linux will be used as the learning environment in the classroom, but techniques applicable to all Unix variants will be emphasized.

These classnotes are organized by topic. More often than not, these topics will also coincide with particular days in the class. The topics will be presented in the following order:


Chapters 1, 5, 8 13, 14, 16
Roles and of a Unix Systems Administrator
/Principles and Ethics
/Typical Configuration Format
/Devices, Processes, Files, and Daemons Oh my
/Resources available to the Linux System Administrator

/Filesystem Choices
/RedHat Linux Installation

/Networking Interfaces Under Linux
/IP Addresses
/Networking Configuration
/The hosts file
/ARP Tables and Routing
/ifconfig and netstat
/Bringing up networking manually
Routing Daemons and Utilities
/routed and gated
/iproute and iproute2


Chapters 3, 6, 22
Basic Administration Tasks
/User Accounts and Groups
PROJECT: /Populate your server
/The init process
/Maintaining Filesystems
/The fstab file
/Simple Task Management

Basic Network Servers and Technologies
Apache - Web server configuration
/What is Apache?
/Apache configuration
/Apache control
PROJECT: /Add documentation to your web server
PROJECT: /Adding Apache to the boot process


Chapters 18, 19, 27
More Network Servers and Technologies
SAMBA - Sharing files with Windows
/What Is SAMBA?
/SAMBA configuration
/SAMBA control
PROJECT: /Setting up shares by office
PROJECT: /Setting up shares to web

Mail Server Technologies
/How does mail get delivered?
Postfix - Mail server configuration
/What is Posftix?
/Postfix configuration
/Postfix configuration II
/Postfix control
PROJECT: /Enable each users mail using PINE
/Introduction to GNUMailman
PROJECT: /Setup mailing lists
Sendmail Overview
/Sendmail Introduction
/Sendmail Configuration
/Sendmail Gotchas


Chapters 2, 5, 8
UNIX choices
/Types of OSes
/Choice is good
Dual booting
/Concepts of Dual Booting
/What is FreeBSD?
/FreeBSD Installation
/RedHat Linux Installation
PROJECT: /Installing an Application from source
/Grub configuration
FreeBSD: /Introduction to FreeBSD ports
X server
/What Is XFree86?
/XFree86 configuration
/XFree86 control
PROJECT: /Fix XFree86s resolution under FreeBSD
PROJECT: /Defuglify the fonts under Red Hat
/XFree86 and remote connections
PROJECT: /Running X applications on neighbors computer
FUN PROJECT: /Setup and install MPlayer


Chapters 10, 11
Debian based
/What is Debian?
/Debian Structure
/Debian Management
/What is Knoppix?
PROJECT: /Boot Knoppix and explore existing system
Backup and Redundancy
/What is Software RAID?
/Software RAID Configuration
PROJECT: /Install Knoppix on a Software RAID
/Concepts Of chroot
/Kernel Recompilation
PROJECT: /Recompile your kernel in your new Debian install and reboot
PROJECT: /Install nano and defuglify the fonts under Debian
General Backup Techniques
/Traditional UNIX Backup Tools
PROJECT: /Backup your Home filesystem


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