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Setting Up An Anti-SPAM Gateway

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The following pages explain how to set up an Anti-SPAM gateway using Postfix as your MTA:

Why not use RBLs? UNIX03/Realtime Blackhole Lists are bad

Part I: The Tools

UNIX03/DCC - Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse
UNIX03/Vipul's Razor

Part II: The Procedure

UNIX03/Overview of System
UNIX03/Install Components and Setup Users
UNIX03/Configure Postfix
UNIX03/Configure SpamAssassin
UNIX03/Configure Razor
UNIX03/Configure DCC
UNIX03/Configure Amavisd
UNIX03/Bayesian Learning Script

Part III: Adding Anti-Virus Protection

UNIX03/Overview of AV Software For Linux
UNIX03/Sophos For Linux
UNIX03/Sophie - Quick Attachment Scanning
UNIX03/Integrating Sophie With Amavisd
    1. UNIX03/Install Sophos
    2. UNIX03/Install Sophie
    3. UNIX03/Configure Amavisd for Sophie
    4. UNIX03/Add Sophie to init

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