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UNIX03/Configure Razor

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Razor is relatively simple to configure. First of all, if using it integrated with SpamAssassin, you need to make sure that the following line exists in /etc/spamassassin/
 use_razor2 1

When you first set up Razor, you need to have Razor verify that all of the symlinks have been setup properly. If you were installing from source, then you would want to do this regardless. However, even when installing from a DEB or RPM it is still a pretty good idea to run none-the-less

 # razor-client

Next, each user must create a custom configuration directory under their home directory. Razor provides functionality to do this for you with the following command

 # razor-admin -create

This will make a ~/.razor subdirectory which will contain information on the Razor2 network, your identity, and other various configuration files.

Speaking of identity, we next need to set that up. Razor2 requires users to have specific identities in order to contribute to the checksum network. In order to obtain and identity, you must first register. Registration is handled with the razor-admin application

 # razor-admin -register -user

Using this option will have a password assigned to you. Since this is not much of a security risk, and since you will not ever really need this password, this option will suffice. However, if you do desire to set a password explicitly for yourself, then you would want to use this option

 # razor-admin -register -user=foo -pass=s1kr3t

Since we are running Amavisd in a chroot jail, we need to move this new Razor configuration tree into the Amavisd home:

 # cp -r /root/.razor /var/lib/amavis
 # chown -R amavis.amavis /var/lib/amavis/.razor

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