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UNIX03/Configure SpamAssassin

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Edit the SpamAssassin config file. Recall that by default this is /etc/mail/spamassassin/, but for Debian and Red Hat, this goes into /etc/spamassassin/ Recall our configuration file from before, and configure accordingly:
 rewrite_subject 1
 report_safe 0
 use_terse_report 0
 use_bayes 1
 bayes_path /var/lib/amavis/.spamassassin/bayes
 auto_learn 1
 skip_rbl_checks 1
 use_razor2 1
 use_dcc 1
 use_pyzor 0
 dcc_add_header 1
 dns_available yes
 header LOCAL_RCVD Received =~ /\S+\.domain\.com\s+\(.*\[.*\]\)/
 describe LOCAL_RCVD Received from local machine
 score LOCAL_RCVD -50
 ## Optional Score Increases
 score DCC_CHECK 4.000
 score RAZOR2_CHECK 2.500
 score BAYES_99 4.300
 score BAYES_90 3.500
 score BAYES_80 3.000

Setup Amavisd Home Directory

Now would probably be a good time to start to setup Amavisd's home directory. As you recall, we will be running Amavisd in a chroot jail. Thus, Amavisd's home directory must be a small subset of the filesystem containing all the necessary files for Amavisd to run.

One of the first things it will need is a .spamassassin configuration directory and it's own user_prefs file (for tweaking of the SpamAssassin settings).

So let's move into it's home directory at /var/lib/amavis, and create these files:

 # cd /var/lib/amavis
 # mkdir .spamassassin
 # touch .spamassassin/user_prefs 
 # chown -R amavis.amavis .spamassassin

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