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Salvation for "DISCO-NAUT" came in the form of wealthy Wall Street Tychoon, John "Stinky" Jackson. "Stinky" was a shrewd businessman and cunning negotiator who had only very recently gone completely insane. With his hoards of millions "Stinky" needed an avenue to spread his myopic philanthropy.

"DISCO-NAUT" and Gabriella were back in business, and with a new "non-fun" diet, "DISCO-NAUT" was well on the way back to a size more managable by modern rocket technology. Within three months of the re-openning of the "DISCO-NAUT" project, a special "groove-ready" space suit was completed for "DISCO-NAUT", as well as a prototype rocket-ship to blast him into orbit!
John "Stinky" Jackson, Entreprenuer
The Groove Suit
"DISCO-NAUT" grooving in his "groove-ready" space suit
The Groove Rocket
"DISCO-NAUT" in the prototype "Groove Rocket"

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Tux Typing: An Educational Typing Game