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Noink Abstract

Noink was designed as a web-based image server to power the online comic strip site, Geekcomix.com. It is, however, general enough to be used as an abstract information server (allowing for indexing and archiving of images, text-based content, content external to the server, and other types of data). It can be configured via simple markup-like files, and has a fairly strong emphasis on security (utilizes a security model not unlike *nix systems where access rights are determined by owner, group and other privileges for each content item on the site) which includes password encryption. It has a simple forum feature built-in with moderator utilities, as well as a rich administration system which includes automated site archival. It is written in Perl, and uses several *nix specific utilities. (Though these utilities have been ported to Mac and Windows, so the CGI scripts should work on other OSes with minor tweaking).

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Noink Extensions
  • noNews - A News/Forum Server
  • noBanner - An integrated banner administration system

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