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Education-Centric Linux Distribution

One of our goals is to "Promote and Produce Full-Featured Alternative Software Solutions to Proprietary Software". We could not say we are working towards that goal unless we are aiming to supply alternative Operating System (OS) and application suites to schools, teachers, parents and children. Fortunately for us, there is an OS already available which both fits in with our ideals and has a large library of applications ready for use. That OS is Linux.

Presently, there are a number of projects (both Tux4Kids sponsored, and independent) that are working towards the creation of an Education-Centric Linux Distribution.

Here at Tux4Kids one such project is code-named "Omega". Omega will be an installationless Linux distribution, meaning that it can be used without first being installed on the computer it will run on. Because it will be installationless, it will not have all of the functionality of the standard Linux distribution, but it can be a very effective "stop-gap" solution for schools, teachers, or parents who want to use these software alternatives, but may not have the technical skills necessary to install an entire OS. Omega will be essentially a single bootable CD-ROM which will run on most (if not all) Intel and compatible machines.

Omega is still in the prototype phase, but you can see some screenshots of this prototype in action here and here.

Other Education-Centric Linux Distribution Projects

Here is a hodge-podge mix of various projects with similar goals. At present, Omega is on hold while we wait to see the results of some of these other projects:

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