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TuxPaint: Free drawing software for young children!


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We have regular IRC sessions on the OPN IRC network. These chat sessions deal with Free-Software and Open-Source topics in education, official Tux4Kids business and discussions, as well as discussions for particular educational applications.

These chat sessions occur on our #tux4kids channel on irc.openprojects.net. We log these sessions, and provide summaries of what was discussed. This page is where you can find these summaries.

2001-08-09 @ 18:30 GMT

This was a general party to celebrate the 1.0 release of Tux Typing. We also discussed some Free-Software and Open-Source ideas in education, as well as several other possible projects for Tux4Kids to create. Finally, we discussed general structure and administrative aspects in the Tux4Kids organization.


This was a discussion on internationalization issues with Tux Typing. There was also some Tux Typing administrative items, as well as general discussion of Tux4Kids.


This was a general discussion on progress in Tux Typing, as well as some general coding and Tux4Kids questions.


New Tux Typing dev branch (what will be 2.0) moved into CVS. General discussion.

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