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This is an introductory course in Java programming. In this course you will find an overview of basic programming skills in the Java language. Object-oriented programming will be touched upon, but the purpose of this course is not to teach it. Instead, we will focus on traditional procedural programming under Java as a segway into programing for non-programmers.

You will need the Java SDK (Software Development Kit) available here:, and the Jext source code editor available here:

The class is taught over the course of four days, and will be split up thusly:


Introduction to Programming
/What is a Program?
/Thinking like a Programmer
PROJECT /Algorithm for Movie Lookup
/Computer Languages
/Writing Source Code
/Introduction to Java
Writing Your First Program
/General Structure
PROJECT: /Hello World
PROJECT: /Hello World with variables
/Command line Arguments
PROJECT: /Hello World with arguments
/Introduction to Applets
PROJECT: /Hello World as an Applet
HOMEWORK: /Create a Madlib


Data types
/More Variables
/Variable Operators
/Strings and Characters
PROJECT: /Check if Command Line Arguments are equal
PROJECT: /Counting Characters in Arguments
PROJECT: /Counting Characters in All Arguments
Conditionals and Decisions
/if-else Statements
/switch Statements
PROJECT: /Program with Command Line switches



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